Who is DED?

Dog-eared Designs is a design and publishing partnership between Meredith Reitman and Matt Wilson. We live in Queens, New York, USA, with two cats and our dog Emmett, the company’s namesake.

In case you weren’t sure, we design, publish and sell roleplaying games. Also, if you weren’t sure, we’d really like you to buy one.

Mission Statement?

Beyond the simple desire to make the kinds of games we want to play, our goal is to make games that are as accessible as they can be to the would-be player. That means as little jargon as possible, and being as direct as we can be without seeming overly pedantic. This should be fun, not work; you should be able to understand it the first time you read it. It also means making an effort to be anti-sexist and anti-racist in every aspect of the game, from language to art.

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