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“Primetime Adventures is an extraordinary game, probably the best role-playing game ever written.” Indie RPG Awards

Ever wonder what would have happened if you were in charge of a TV show you watch?

Would those two have gotten together after all?
Would he have finally reconciled with his mother?
Would there have been fewer vampires? More wicked professors?

With Primetime Adventures, that’s all up to you!

Create a cast of characters, figure out what makes them tick, and put them in dramatic situations.

Things won’t always go the way you want. Will the characters prove their loyalty? Will they stay out of trouble? Will they remain friends? Play cards to find out what happens when things on your show get complicated.

The Game

Primetime Adventures is a book: 7 x 9, 118 pages. That may sound like a lot if you’ve never played this kind of game before, but don’t worry: a good portion of that is examples and advice. It doesn’t take much to sit down with your friends and start playing.

designer's hand not included with purchase

What’s Inside

In the book (or pdf) you’ll find rules and procedures for:

  • Creating your TV series. Deciding what your show is about, assembling a cast of characters, choosing locations, and more.
  • Creating scenes. How do you begin and end a scene? How do you know if one of the characters will get what they want? How do you know whose turn it is?
  • Bringing the feel of TV. Creating a story arc for each main character, describing camera techniques, following the classic act structure.
  • Coming back for more! How to pick up where you left off and create a season, allowing each character to have their moments.

Plus all kinds of examples. Example TV shows walk you through every step so you can see how it’s done.

Don’t Miss the PTA Card Deck!

cardsCustom designed card deck by Brennen Reece, featuring information from the series creation oracle.

You can buy the cards separately or together with the book. Scroll down to buy.

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The PDF is for sale on Payhip.

The Book & Cards

If you buy the book, you can download the pdf for free! What a deal! (except if you’re just buying the deck of cards, because there’s no card deck pdf) All prices are in USD and include shipping and handling. International customers, priority mail will get your book to you faster, but yikes it’s expensive.
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Download Helpful Materials

Primetime Adventures Series Creation Worksheet
Primetime Adventures Protagonist Sheet
Primetime Adventures Producer Sheet